We love media.

Owners of Radio Bicester Media C.I.C, Oxon Radio, Oxon Music and Oxon TV, we love community media.

It all started in 2013 with the creation of Radio Bicester. Now we are on a journey to expand our vision for digital community media throughout the rest of Oxfordshire and the UK.

We need you.

We are currently in the process of setting up a team to execute our vision. If you think you could be a part of that team, please email: sam@oxonmedia.co.uk to find out some more information.

We care about Privacy.

We go to great lengths to ensure that your data is safe, including using alternative forms of software! We truly care about our listeners/viewers data. Please read below about the services we use and what data we collect, and how we use that data:

Radio Player:
We use a service called Radio.co to stream our fabulous content to our lovely audience. Radio.co collects the following information for analytical purposes: Your listener ID, based on your outward IP address, and the country in which you are listening from.

It collects this information in order to be able to provide us with our listening figures. Your listener ID is used to identify you as a listener to our stations. The IP address used to generate that information is stored on a remote secure cloud-based server and cannot be accessed by Oxon Media and Radio.co, keeping your IP secure and safe from anybody. The automatic algorithm automatically creates a listener ID when you stream our stations.

Google Analytics:
We have recently discovered that Google Analytics is storing user based date into its own servers to display advertisements to you across the Google experience and web. Becuase we know this is annoying and a little bit creepy at times, we have made the decision to move away from Google Analytics over to PIWIK. PIWIK sits on our own secure cloud-based server and is set up to register a visit on one of our websites as a unique visitor ID, hiding your IP address and personal information and not displaying advertisements to you based on your internet usage!

Contact Forms:
Our contact forms are custom built with PHP and all the information submitted is used to process an enquiry/queries, request, interaction with presenters etc.

All of our contact forms are submitted to each station's main email address. The station manager then forwards on the email to the relevant department to deal with your queries or questions. We do this in order to ensure that the content of each email has one endpoint in order to ensure that no data is incorrectly shared, which can possibly happen with multiple email users.

We use MailChimp to send emails across to you, you can subscribe to newsletters via our website and can unsubscribe in the email footer of each email you receive and by emailing the station. Please find MailChimp's privacy policy here: MailChimp's Policy

Facebook Live:
A lot of our content is streamed live to Facebook. We do not collect any information from our viewers on Facebook, apart from the viewership figure of each stream. Because streaming to Facebook involves using Facebook to watch the stream, please read how Facebook deals with your data here: Facebook's Policy

We sell adverts to business in order to sustain our services. We do not give out any information about our listeners/viewers/readers to our advertisers. Although everyone else in the industry shares your demographics, interests and more, we believe that this is not the nicest or fairest way. We don't share that information with the people that support us. We include the rough demographics of each show, but by choice, do not include or collect information about the exact demographics regarding you as a person, your interests etc. We believe that this is your data and should not be in our possession one bit.

See we do care about your data, in fact, we know a lot about data protection and how the rest of the internet sells and shares your information all over the web. If you would like to find out some more information about Privacy Policies and how mainstream applications use your data, as an organisation that has read all of the privacy policies, start to finish, we would love to give you some advice.


Or call us on 01869 222148