Running modern community media
channels since 2013.

It all started in 2013 with the formation of Spare Moment Online, soon to be known as Radio Bicester and then Radio Bicester Media C.I.C. We are Oxon Media and we are on a mission to transform Oxfordshire's Media Scene

What our brands achieve / offer.

From community radio for the people of Bicester, through to Music and Artist Managment,
Oxon Media has a vareity of things on offer.

Radio Bicester

Radio Bicester, is Bicester's community media organisation. With a wide vareity of content the station reaches a yearly audience of 75,000.

Oxon Music Managment

Oxon Music is a music managment agency that signs local musicians with the plan of developing them into national stars.

Oxon TV

Oxfordshire's Dedicated Television Studio and Channel, with an always online presence. This is new media at it's finest.

Musician Recording

Woring alongside T3 Studios and Blackwell Audio, we can assist musicians in their efforts at recording their material..

Video Production

Arrow Productions is going from strength to strength, if you need a video for your business or organisation we can help!

Website and Graphic Design

With Clients in Oxfordshire and London, SongBird Designs can provide you with a high quality design / website.

The People Behind Oxon Media

Samuel Isaacs - Managing Director

With experince in sales, marketing and national media, Samuel Isaacs heads up the organisation. As a keen lover of new media and with a passion for managment, Sam has always been a sucessful leader.

Ross Arrowsmith - Creative Director

With expertise in TeleVision and Video, Ross takes the role of Creative Director, overseeing our creative output. With a fantastic passion for alternative methods of media Ross is the right man!

Miles Davies - Director of Operations

Coming from a music and sales background, Miles has a vareity of operational skills that make him the perfect person for looking after our organisations operations.

Invest in the future of Oxfordshire's Media

To take our organisations to the next level we are seeking investment from 3rd parties
that are interested in assiting in the growth of Oxfordshire's Media.